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academic ranting, and really bad eggs, anti-negativity!, avoidant personality disorder, being socially awkward, borders price stickers, boy meets world, canon rape, captain jack sparrow, character singles, classical music at 2am, dark chocolate, epcot music, exclamation!mark abuse, faith hope love, fobby asian things, green tea, homo side characters, honey & clover, kakakakaka kekekekeke fufufu kayak!, kazuya minekura, la vie boheme, nerding out, no soup for you!, not studying, not you, really long plane rides, reviving dead fandoms, rory is a slut, samurai champloo, sasuke's chicken butt, scor[e], shoebox project, starbucks (unfortunately), the weather, unresolved sexual tension, walt disney world, wimpy french guys, wolfram = draco malfoy, yamada's fanboys, you